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inspiration / Setting the mood for Thanksgiving 

We love the warmth of Thanksgiving, so this year we thought we’d share some of what we are mulling over for next week’s meal.


  1. personal notes – formal or fun, a handwritten note goes a long way 
  2. unexpected decorations – flowers, books, layered blankets all make the table and chairs more cozy
  3. whites, golds, crèmes, and purples – perhaps not the standard Thanksgiving colors, but our favorites for this season
  4. unexpected foods to match – we love the minimalism baking style for dessert – this is one of our favorites: The Minimalist Baker



Happy planning!




mood / surrounded with thanks

This Novemeber we're remembering to give thanks and not just on one day, but for the rest of the year. Thanks for the beautiful weather, the stolen moments outside and in, the opportunity to welcome those we love into our homes and the warmth that we can provide just by all being together. This month this we've found the details that help give your home the warmth only you can provide.


all images from pinterest


inspiration / James Perse Headquarters

We love getting inspired from brands that we carry at Room No. 3 - none more so than James Perse, the ultimate in classic comfort. The brand's new headquarters in California is stunning.



The open spaces lend itself to something we strive for, a modern but warm feel. In fact, this quote sums up what we love about James Perse:

"I find that architecture and furniture go hand in hand,” Perse says. “In my office, my stores, and my products—whether it’s a shirt or a chair—I’m always trying to create the simplest interpretation of that thing. Above all, I want my pieces to be timeless. I hope to never look at something and say, ‘Wow, that was a moment.’"

We hope you also love their new space as much as you love their product.







mood / getting together & staying warm

The fall offers many opportunities for us: plenty that allow us to love our homes a little more, spend a little bit more quality time with friends and snuggle up to our loved ones. This October we are thinking about the falling leaves and temperatures that lead to the rise in delicious drinks, fun nights and lovely moments at home. And we are excited to have found the perfect items help you love your surroundings just a little bit more each October day and night.




new line / r&r surplus

New name but familiar faces. Formerly know as Fatigues, Steve and Andi have started a lovely lounge line named R&R Surplus. We love the look, the feel and the designers' dedication to the product. Hear it from themselves below and stop in to try it yourself.



Andi & I have always had a passion for things that are authentic, genuine & loved over time. We believe that simplicity is life's true luxury...that when we borrow from the past we're contributing to the future.

We've recreated a collection of our old favorites...still perfect for the best parts of the day. 

We're proud to support other hands-on small businesses who share our passion for quality & integrity. R&R Surplus ... crafted with pride in the U.S.A.

Steve & Andi