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MOOD / 07


Night Cap


Join us for a Night Cap at Room No. 3...as we introduce the new local bedding line, Cama. Allow us to redefine your sleep from your chemise to your sheets.

Sound : DJ Bryan
Bite : Maca Maca Macaroons
Sip : Easy & Oskey


Wear / 12


Introducing... Mer-Sea & Co. 

We love when we happen upon a quality brand with intentional packaging, elevated standards and exquisite execution. Room No.3 introduces Mer-Sea & Co. You will be welcomed by the sea-scape notes of these fragrances during your next visit to Room No.3. Mer-Sea & Co. pairs well with open windows and a warm breeze...or perhaps closed eyes and a memory of your last visit to the coast.  

Mer-Sea & Co. candles are made from a soy wax blend, using all cotton wicks. All of Mer-Sea & Co. products are poured-to-order for the ultimate freshness. The packaging and glassware are intended to be repurposed in another beautiful way. Their sweetly wrapped soaps are made from natural, botanically-sourced ingredients - including goats milk, shea butter and olive oil. Each of the three scent profiles...Saltaire, Voyager and Leau' Tide...will leave you feeling like you're seaside. 

Thank you Mer-Sea & Co....for treating us to a little peace by the sea!



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