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mood / feeling fresh 

April can be as temperamental as any of us. But between the sunshine and showers is growth and happiness. We love the freshness of the dew, the visible changes in the air and on the ground and most of all the growth it brings in all of us.


New colors, new textures, new feelings can all lead to a new and improved you. We want this April to be more than a change in the seasons, but a change in us too!





mood / growth & adventure

Some springs are bright and beautiful, others a bit more wet and dreary. But no matter what, every March brings opportunities for growth and adventure. Our spring breaks can take us far away or keep us close to home, they can make us check back in on our resolutions, look forward on our goals, and to be inspired by the growth around us. 

This spring we opt for growth and adventure. We’re excited about what this holds.




event / let us play cupid

If there is anything we know, it's love. So this year on the 13th we putting together a curated set of items that will make the single most loving experience. In fact we have all the different types of love, well covered!


Touch love- cashmere touques by Punchy Magnolia  www.punchymagnoia.com

Taste love- bonbons by Mademoiselle Miel  www.mademoisellemiel.com

Grow love- potted succulents by Spruce Floral  www.sprucemn.com

Give love- valentines by Brown Ink www.brownink.com

Knead love- massage oil by Sasha Essentials--signature scent for Room No.3  www.sashaessentials.com

Love love- Room No.3


We hope to see you there!




mood / love & lots of it

Our favorite month is here! We love, well love, and although sometimes it can get cheesy February and Valentine's Day is a reminder to tell those we care about just how much we care. Whether it's something small or something large, a bouquet or a single flower, a lovely evening or thoughtful note, we love it all. 

So find a reason all month to share with those you care about - best friends, partners or yourself - something special, and let us know if you'd like to share some suggestions.



inspiration / winter travels

It appears that most of us are trying to escape the freezing temps - especially here in Minnesota. As we start to plan our spring breaks and upcoming travel we were inspired to choose some beauitful swimwear that matches our favorite destinations.

Here's to that warm weather countdown!




Turks & Caicos


The Keys



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