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spring in our step

Well we couldn't be more thrilled to walk outside everyday and be inspired by the beauty all around us. Beautiful colors, lovely scents, it is perfectly lovely. We want to bring some of that gorgeousness in the gardens around us inside. Since we haven't been blessed with a green thumb, we are extremely thankful for our neighorhood gardeners like Sunnyside Gardens, Brown & Green, and Spruce! 

The pinks, greens, and whites can give a lovely spruce up to any room, and don't require exquisite vases to be displayed. An cool old bottle, a white ceramic pot and even just burlap and twine can do the decorating trick. Let us know what you are doing to bring some flower power into your life!




mood / freshness & flowers

April showers bring May flowers, right? This May we are taking the time to appreciate what some of the grey days in April brought us, flowers, trees, new life and a renewed energy. We are taking that new energy and bringing it the outdoors, our family and friends and preparing for summer. So here's to getting ready for summer and loving every second doing it.





inspiration / the silk road

One of the most luxurious fabrics - if not the most! - silk has always been an inspiration to us. What could be more effortless? more chic? and still be so comfortable! The way it feels and falls has us particularly excited this spring because it seems to be the perfect compliment to spring. 

Here are some of our favorite ways of wearing it...

As a bra or bralet! Of course we had to include this :)

Silk sheets and pillowcases make sleep just that much more special

As a a chic top that can be dressed up with silk pants or skirt, but also dressed down with your favorite denim

An eye mask as the perfect travel partner

Pajamas to make lounging casual, yet chic

With cashmere in case it gets chilly

As a bracelet or scarf, making silk the perfect accessory


Stay chic!



mood / feeling fresh 

April can be as temperamental as any of us. But between the sunshine and showers is growth and happiness. We love the freshness of the dew, the visible changes in the air and on the ground and most of all the growth it brings in all of us.


New colors, new textures, new feelings can all lead to a new and improved you. We want this April to be more than a change in the seasons, but a change in us too!





mood / growth & adventure

Some springs are bright and beautiful, others a bit more wet and dreary. But no matter what, every March brings opportunities for growth and adventure. Our spring breaks can take us far away or keep us close to home, they can make us check back in on our resolutions, look forward on our goals, and to be inspired by the growth around us. 

This spring we opt for growth and adventure. We’re excited about what this holds.



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