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Inspirations / Rest & Relaxation Part 2

There are so many ways to embrace a relaxing fall so in keeping with the theme of our previous entry, and our love of simplicity and comfort, we are sharing additional suggestions to get the mental, emotional, and physical break you may be craving. 

Yoga, stretching, or meditation is a great way to center yourself and focus your day. But if it's a spark your seeking to your day find your inspiration in a quick, or lingering, visit to a gallery. It can be the perfect antidote and the MIA has a particularly lovely landscape exhibit right now! 

Enjoy a walk, and whether brief or long, be sure to take a moment to look up! The sky lately has been awe-inspiring and the colors are brilliant. You'll be inspired to bring the outside in - a sure way to embrace the beauty, enchantment, and calm of fall throughout you're day. Our neighbors at Spruce are experts in this area - if you're nearby, drop in and chat with them! 

Unplug with a book or magazine in your favorite room or outdoors before gets too cold. If it's relaxed conversation or pampering you require treat yourself to wine with a dear friend, or to a staycation kicked-off with breakfast in bed. 

So many methods to transport you, mind and body, to a place of calm and relaxation. Let us know if there are any tips or tricks you'd like to share.




Inspirations / Rest & Relaxation Part 1

Sometimes, depsite our best efforts, the world gets a little chaotic, a little crazy, a little too much. Sometimes we just need to take a break from the crazy world, anywhere from 5 minutes to a whole day.

We've collected some of our favorite ways to help you relax (because sometimes we all could use a little reminder)!



Draw a bath... It's a simple staple to getting some much needed alone time. Add lavendar scents through bath-salts or essential oil drops on warm, damp towels to place over yor eyes for a spa-like relaxation boost.

No time to indulge in a soak in the tub? Light a candle. It can quickly bring the whole home to a meditative space.

Enjoying a cup of tea in one of your favorite places - like the lake or a favoite vignette in your home - may allow just the time you need to take a few deep breaths. 

And last but not least, a decluttered space kept simple can also help reduce stress and anxiety.




Inspirations / Punchy Magnolia

The photography of upcycled knit designer, Terralee of Punchy Magnolia, is as inspiring as her beautiful creations. Brisk mornings are captured in her works of art and greeted as soon as September began. At the first sign of Fall we are eager to pull out our favorite cashmere pieces. We have come to expect that some we have tucked away have already been loved seasons beyond their prime.  Imagine our delight when discovering Punchy Magnolia – a designer finding purpose in the most loved and worn cashmere sweater.  The outcome is timelessly beautiful, functionally cozy, and with a sophisticated playfulness – we can’t get enough of those little poms! 

Share intimately in our mood board inspiration for September. Punchy Magnolia upcylced knit hats are at Room No. 3… for now.


mood / savoring summer

Can you believe it's August already? Like anything good, summer always seems to fly right by. That's why this August we are excitedly preparing for fall but also savoring those days where the family is all together, the nights are still long and the water is still warm enough to dip our toes into.

The best things in life make days feel like hour and hours feel like minutes, so here's to a fast August, because then we know we really enjoyed it.




inspiration / bare

The summer months give us an excuse to show just a bit more skin. A bare shoulder, a bare stomach, a longer leg, and even nape of a neck can be a subtle but sexy way to show just a little bit more skin.

Tha few of our favorite inspirations include...

A stunning bralet that is highlighted with a simple top

A longer knit that shows a little bit more leg

A longer, lacy bralet that shows some stomach paired witha high-waist jean

A see-through bra that can go under a sweater, a tee shirt, or even decorate your room

A silky top that is classic yet sexy

A bandeau that peeks through a structured, modern knit

And even a one-peice that can transition from beach to cafe...

We hope you're inspired to take advantage of the warm weather while we still have it!