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inspiration / bare

The summer months give us an excuse to show just a bit more skin. A bare shoulder, a bare stomach, a longer leg, and even nape of a neck can be a subtle but sexy way to show just a little bit more skin.

Tha few of our favorite inspirations include...

A stunning bralet that is highlighted with a simple top

A longer knit that shows a little bit more leg

A longer, lacy bralet that shows some stomach paired witha high-waist jean

A see-through bra that can go under a sweater, a tee shirt, or even decorate your room

A silky top that is classic yet sexy

A bandeau that peeks through a structured, modern knit

And even a one-peice that can transition from beach to cafe...

We hope you're inspired to take advantage of the warm weather while we still have it!




mood / light days & late nights

It's the middle of the summer, how quickly the time flies, and it's just amazing how each summer seems to go quicker than the last. How could it not? When there is cold ice cream to enjoy with loved ones while you stroll leisurely around the lakes, or warm fires to snuggle up next to for that perfect smore. This July we're all about enjoying each and every minute of sunshine with light clothes that can handle both the long days and nights and everything in between.




anniversary / 5 years

Happy Anniversary!

Five years ago we opened Room No. 3!! We've navigated highs and lows in both personal and business. We've celebrated anniversaries, a marriage, baby news and several family trips together.

We cherish the dream we've brought to life, the friendship we share that has truly become a sisterhood, the love of our husbands and the ladies that work alongside us, the loyal customers that we fondly call friends, and the support of our community and every new and repeat guest that has chosen to step inside our special Room. Thank you!


Beth and Jessica




mood / sunshine and summer

June can be the start of so many things. The start of summer, the start of vacation, the start of BBQ's, swimming pool trips and bonfires. For us summer is a quiet morning on the lake, a moment to reflect on how wonderful life can be with long, cold, days a distant memory. For us June is also about capturing moments with our families, our children, our partners. There is so much to love each summer, we just can't wait for it to get started.



inspiration / boudoir 

The boudior session is one of the most intimate celebrations of a woman's body. But one of the the most common questions about such a session is “What should I wear??”

Illuminate Boudoir spoke with us to get some advice, read a snippet of the interview below!


If You Love Your Legs

Find a pair of panties with a high hemline on the hip. To be clear, we’re not talking 80’s leotards!!  Choosing a pair of underwear with a high cut will elongate and show off the shape of the your legs (in contrast, a hipster style may visually shorten your legs.) Beth shows me a rose-colored thong (see it below!) with a beautiful lace trim that criss-crosses high on the hip. “When it’s on the body, it’s current and elongates the leg even more - it creates a gorgeous line”.


If You Want To Show Off Your Bum

Choose a pair of underwear that will show off your shape! In this case, Beth usually recommends choosing a pair that cuts in a bit to show off your curves without being as narrow as a thong (which she says usually aren’t as flattering to the bum itself.) She suggests a cheeky little short with ruffles/texture, or a pair of lace bottoms.


To Flatter Your Cleavage

To emphasize as much curve as possible, choose a push up bra (like the white one below) without too much padding so you’ll show off your cleavage without feeling artificial. Looking to keep things more natural?  “A bralette with lace can be stunning!” Beth explained. “Some have a liner, and others are sheer - it’s so beautifully when you can actually see your skin.”


Want To Stay A Bit More Covered Up?

Choose some dreamy loungewear to add in variety or for a style that’s a bit more modest! Beth loves playing with texture - like pairing a really nubby cable sweater with a soft pair of undies. She also loves this soft, open-weave sweater with a stunning open back (check it out below!)- “you could wear this with a cute little ruffle bottom or a ruched-back nicker… you can really show skin where you feel comfortable but feel more covered too.”


Let Your Clothing Choices Enhance You And Your Personality

Beth’s general advice for a woman planning a boudoir session? “Choose something that’s a little simpler and less ornate - something that will not take away from you as a subject but will enhance you.” She generally recommends avoiding distracting patterns or prints, and using color and texture to bring out your personality - for example, going for a romantic style with ruffles and lace detailing, or keeping things more laid-back with super soft cottons and organic textures. If you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, she says, “you’ll shine through!”


You can read the whole peice at Illuminate Boudoir